Carbon fiber heater

real carbon fiber flexible tape

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About carbon tape

It's a resistive carbon fiber heating tape.

Very soft, thin and flexible.

You can wash it.

Ideal for DIY heating clothes.
You can make your own inexpensive heated gloves, heated insoles, heated pad, jacket, vest.
You can cut it any place to reach the needed power.
You must have an experience in electronic DIY projects to prevent any hazardous of using it.

Easy to make, easy to use

DIY for yourself and for your loved ones

Soft, warm and safe

Here's the relationship between the length of the tape, input current and temperature. Measurements were made at a voltage of 12 volts and an ambient temperature of 23 degrees. The temperature sensor was on the tape, the top and bottom covered with a piece of cloth Polartec 250.

In outdoor the tape temperature maybe lower and will depend on the ambient temperature, wind speed, availability, quality and thickness of the heat insulator, etc.

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