Carbon fiber heater

real carbon fiber flexible tape

We would like to talk about the unusual properties of carbon fiber tape, some of which are difficult to demonstrate in real life. Perhaps this could be done with the help of comics. We have an idea of the scenario, it is necessary to find an artist of comics. Need to draw 15 black and white pictures. Budget $ 100. If you're interested, please email us. We will ask you to draw a test picture about one of our existing projects, to choose the best artist.

Promotion is open until 31 May 2015. The prize is $100 US dollars. To get the prize required: 1. Create an instruction about any of applications of our carbon tape. 2. Place it on the site Instruction may be placed in any section. 3. Instruction must contain a permanent link to the site 4. Instruction must obtain the status Featured. The author must send us a notice about successful fulfillment of paragraphs 1 - 4 until 31 May 2015 inclusive. Notification must be sent simultaneously to email: and private message to user Shenzhen on Your prize will be sent to your Paypal email address within 24 hours. You can use any of the properties, features and advantages of our carbon tape, both known and unknown. You can buy the tape and to do something with. You can not to buy the tape, but just imagine and tell about an interesting idea of using our tape. The main advantage of our carbon tape from conventional is it's extraordinary flexibility. Our carbon heated tape in contrast to conventional carbon consists of very fine fibers. Our carbon tape withstands multiple bends and does not break. Our carbon tape is very good conductor of electricity. May be heated up to 1200 degrees without damage. Consists of pure carbon and has no a fabric substrate. Can be washed. Very soft to the touch. Our carbon used in medicine in the treatment of burns and open wounds. Our tape used as wicks. Note that our tape can not be used for structural reinforcement, since this requires a tape with thick fibers.

About carbon tape

It's a resistive carbon fiber heating tape.

Very soft, thin and flexible.

You can wash it.

Ideal for DIY heating clothes.
You can make your own inexpensive heated gloves, heated insoles, heated pad, jacket, vest.
You can cut it any place to reach the needed power.
You must have an experience in electronic DIY projects to prevent any hazardous of using it.

Easy to make, easy to use

DIY for yourself and for your loved ones

Soft, warm and safe

Here's the relationship between the length of the tape, input current and temperature. Measurements were made at a voltage of 12 volts and an ambient temperature of 23 degrees. The temperature sensor was on the tape, the top and bottom covered with a piece of cloth Polartec 250.

In outdoor the tape temperature maybe lower and will depend on the ambient temperature, wind speed, availability, quality and thickness of the heat insulator, etc.

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